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Inside structure of a teardrop trailerTeardrop camper trailers evolved in the 1930 and became extremely popular in the 1940’s after World War II. The Depression was over and the war had given the economy a large boost. The citizens of the US wanted to go on vacation with their families. The United States was developing the highway system and that made travel easier. The Teardrop Camper trailer was light weight and could easily be pulled behind the family car which in the 1930’ and 1940’s had an engine under 100 horse power, or in some cases a motorcycle. Most of the original Teardrop Campers were constructed with materials obtained from World War II surplus markets. The chassis were made of steel U channel or from round steel tubing, and in some cases the wheels came from jeeps that were salvaged and found a new life on a teardrop camper. The exterior skins were usually made from the aluminum wings of World War II bombers which gave the Teardrop Campers their shiny exteriors. Creative Teardrops are called Woodys due to the wood sides.

The popularity of teardrop campers continued through the 1950’s. This popularity was due to the do-it-yourselfer that wanted to build their own teardrop campers with their own hands. This is also what is making the teardrop campers comeback now. In the 1950 the “Popular Mechanics” magazine published teardrop trailer plans in their magazine which many do-it-yourselfers used to build their own teardrop trailers. These plans included a trailer made of wood. Many Teardrop Campers today are built on purchased steel trailers or custom made steel trailers.

The popularity of the teardrop camper started to dwindle in the late 1950’s because the Americans wanted campers that were “bigger and better”. With cars getting bigger and more powerful in the 1950’s larger campers could be towed rather than the smaller teardrop campers. The price of gas being 10 to 20 cents per gallon, there was little concern about gas mileage while towing a camper thus the decline of the teardrop camper. Today there are a few production teardrop manufacturers but most of the teardrop campers are made in small custom workshops. You will not find many RV Dealers that carry teardrop campers. The best way to find a teardrop trailer is VIA the internet.

insides of a teardrop trailerIf you are interested in a teardrop camper, you have four options. You can buy a new Teardrop camper, purchase a vintage (1930’s thru 1950’s) teardrop camper that has been restored or restore it yourself or hire someone to restore it for you or build it yourself. There is a lot of information on the internet that can help you in your teardrop trailer build. One of the most popular sites is Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers.

While a lot has changed since the introduction of teardrop trailers on the American highway, the reasons for owning a teardrop trailer are somewhat the same today as they were when your father or grandfather built his teardrop in the family garage. Today, Teardrop Campers have become popular due to the small cars we drive and the high gas prices. With a Teardrop Camper you have a comfortable bed and you don’t have to sleep on the ground. A Teardrop Camper has little or no setup unlike tents, or pop-up’s. This makes a Teardrop Camper perfect for travel. You don’t even have to unhook the Teardrop Camper from your car, so you are ready to go in the morning.

Teardrop trailers are sleek, aerodynamic, and practical. The Teardrop Camper is the baby of the RV world. They are small, which makes a Teardrop Camper great for one or two people. Creative Teardrop trailers can be pulled by any vehicle with a hitch. The smallest of vehicles, such as the Chevy Aveo or the VW Beetle can easily tow a Creative Teardrop trailer. Please consult your automobile manufacturer before towing any camper or trailer.

Whether you’re a weekend camper who enjoys spending time with the family, or an avid outdoorsman who hunts and fishes, or you want a economical means of travel, a Creative Teardrop trailer may be what you need. Because our Teardrop Campers are built one at a time any customizations can be done. Delivery of our teardrop trailers can range from one month to four months.

Once you discover the world of teardrop trailers, you’ll find that less could really be more. Our teardrop trailers come equipped with an oversized double mattresses. Creative Teardrop trailers come with a galley and inside storage cabinets. The galley cabinets and inside cabinets of our teardrop trailers are made of high quality cherry wood.
Teardrop trailers have a teardrop shape when turned on end thus the name Teardrop Camper.